Feel the Music with Dj Smack    

   This is Mike Fires and the music journal “Simply the best” and today we are discussing the new record “Dreaming of freedom” of DJ Smack. I used online Walmart coupon codes and purchased this new record. You may have heard it on discos, on the radio, or on his live concert this summer in Gent, Belgium. Some listeners say it’s a house music of a new style. This Dj has, they say, his recognizable music handwriting. They especially emphasize the first track ‘Composing over ladybird’, pointing on its soul, some say, its positive tune directs you into relaxed self-centered mood, brings you to the heart of the magic place, sounds penetrate you deeply, you feel the moment, the gentle spirit of the music.
There is a blossom of other bright tracks: ‘Touching You with Rain Drop’, ‘Pretending You is A Little Baby’ where the composer with babyish curiosity touches guitar strings and piano keys and then softly mixes it together. I was impressed by tracks ‘First Love Passion’, ‘Impress The Dance Floor’, ‘Don’t Stop This Game’, ‘Spring Inside’ it is full of power, passion, desire, vivid style. Dj Smack has already attracted attention of such electronic music gurus as Dj Feel, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten. Amazing how easily he creates his colorful inspiring sound images! The bonus track ‘The sunrise of Hope’ of the album was already marked as a Breakthrough of the month. Antuan Fouffles was also marked with such a high praise for his track ‘Standing Outside of Betrayal’ in 1999, after that his track was on the leading position of Radio Nine music Chart for 5 weeks. The track of Dj Smack is at the top of this chart for six weeks already! So If you haven’t heard it already, than it’s time! It’s really worth listening!   


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