Music is my Language    

   – Hey there! My dear music lovers! This is DJ Smack on radio Nine! Today we gonna discuss the music rhythm, music styles and music creators – those really great-great people who connect two sounds, two tunes and get the new thing, new track, new record! And don’t forget – the newest hits from the best dj’s all over the word you listen on radio Nine! Today we are lucky to have a guest here in our studio on radio Nine! Hey Smack. You may greet your fans already!
   – Hello there, boys and girls! It‘s really cool to be heard, to listen to you, because you’re my listeners, guys who I write for! You can buy the best music if you use online Overstock coupon codes actually.
   -If you didn’t got it already, we have Dj Smack in the studio. He, this great man will share his secret of successful music writing with us. And in a minute we will know the truth how magic music tracks born. We also will discuss his new music single “The sunrise of hope”, I’ll remind you the release of his new album “Dreaming of freedom” is planned for the next week and you already can make an order just dial our studio number and you’ll hear the details how to get it with post office. Well it’s time for me to keep silence a little! Smack, what is it to be a dj?
   - Well, many guys from this crazy industry say music is a work, like everyday routine, like office manager, business man, you know it... There’s a grain of truth: you have to work hard, you have these deadlines, must do your best to be unique, must sound different, be recognizable and so forth. That’s true! But if think a little about what you do, what you wanna tell others, what combination of sounds you wanna share with dancing nation, then it’s not work anymore. It just something that takes all you thoughts, wishes, time, it takes you all, you hear sounds separately, and all together, you like it or not, you want it to be something, a masterpiece at least, a music! DJing is art and when I create I think about my listeners! You hear a hummer fell on the floor in the next room, you like it, you try it in combination, you hear the tune, you take this dull rhythmic sound. You hear your girlfriend talks on the phone, why not take some words everybody know and say everyday? Djs are crazy, they always hear, overhear, DJ means a big ear so to speak. And I call myself DjSmack because I wish you all to enjoy, to smack my music from the very beginning till the last drop. That’s the way I express myself, that’s who I am. And music is my language!   


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